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The lesson from Ocean

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Each emotion, is a feeling in motion. Here is what I've learned to dance Hula, and to live:

"When I stood in the waters of Waikiki on my Saturdays off my university studies, I let my hands be still on the surface of the water to feel its motions move me rather than try to copy the ocean waves. The ocean became my teacher also for other things in life; how to deal with our emotions. To see how some are small, others are big, some are short and sharp, others are great big waves almost wiping us out and sometimes they’re only small ripples on the surface but with undercurrents to be aware of."

(from p. 118 in "The Call for Divine Mothering")

There is a reason why the word move and motion is the same. We simply need to let the emotion move through us and likewise, we can move the emotion through moving our bodies.

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