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The Rose as a symbol

As you can see, my first book and this page has a lot of pictures of red roses and its petals. There is a thought behind this. First of all, I have a small red rose tatooed on my shoulder, that I made when I was 23 years old. It is simply a symbol of love, of believing in love.

Second, just like the rose is made of lots of petals, so we can understand that love is made of various aspects (such as the ones I refer to as the "Keys to Paradise") and even our thoughts. Together they become love, the rose!

Later I found Isadora Duncan, who has made a dance called "The Rosepetals", which then becomes a great bonus to my concept. When I write "picking up the petals", it refers to continuing her legacy with her dances and her life-philosophy.

Which symbol can you use as a metaphor for your life-lessons?

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