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Why do I self-publish?

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

You might wonder why I'm not letting a publisher take care of my books for me. While that is awesome for novels or scientific literature, it's a little different with documentary tales.

I want to be sure, to be in charge of the content. How and what I share, especially in my second book from immigration detention in the US, is of a sensitive nature, wherefor I now can uphold my integrity. And most of the people portrayed, have received their own copy first.

Then the language. As a copywriter, I've developed a certain style that I want to keep, although some of it has a variation of voices. It depends on when and how it was written.

This doesn't exclude the need of feedback of course, so please do comment!

All in all, I hope you find my books inspiring and a little provoking. Find them on Amazon worldwide!

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