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Why do we blog?

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

In Sweden, blogging started to grow by young women sharing their latest outfits. It was a way to make themselves into fashion magazine content. I, who both have worked as a copywriter and in a clothing store, could certainly appreciate that. However, it soon seemed to become a competition and chase of buying new all the time to show, which few can afford, rather than to build one's own style with a variety of combinations to feel good wearing in school or on the job.

At the same time, a couple of us a little older, focused on writing about our spiritual soul-searching in a time of increased anxiety and burn-out syndrome in Sweden.

I started blogging on Myspace in 2006, then on my own website as a little journal, followed by publishing on portals to gain more readers. Now, I blog to serve with coaching inspiration and share bonus content to my books.

But in cyberspace, it still looks like the same chase for new content, whether outfits or spiritual thoughts, to show, to show, to show.

Where are your own ideas and thoughts?

In this photo, I'm wearing jeans from Zara, cardigan from Benetton, shoes Converse, and shoulderbag a vintage find.

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