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~ Hope ~

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

My friend from Malmö University, Malin, used to always say that "Hope is the last thing that leaves us." When we hung out, she was actually more Ingmar Bergman type doubting, than hopeful. Maybe it's a Swedish thing to not dare believe and express sincere hope, or perhaps act accordingly. She is one of those who always replies to me which is why I trust her. And she also did when I wrote a letter to her from FDC Honolulu. Unfortunately, she again expressed not thinking she could do anything, which of course is ludicrous. To get me out from immigration detention could have been a simple thing like getting me a return ticket, or better yet for me, money to the lowest set bond of $1500. She could have called around our former course colleagues at Malmö University, or contacted the newspapers, or even the Swedish embassy, to inquire, especially since she used to live in Spain herself.

I trashed her letter and kept my hope instead, to have my cases tried in court and of course to continue with my valid visa, but in San Francisco.

The most honorable thing we can do for another person, is to give them more hope. Not mere romantisized visions, but support and believing in another's capacity and ability, grounded in practicality, honesty and possibility. It's what I found both my job as a copywriter (believing that the product or service we are marketing will sell) and as a lifecoach (believing that the person can improve his/her life and live their passion). Hope is to dare believe in improvement and positive change. Most of all, if you can think of a solution yourself, it means it can be tried.

What are your hopes? What can you do yourself? Who can you contact for help?

Photo from her facebook profile.

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