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What is coaching?

Have you been fooled into believing that if you just try another method for 21 days your life will drastically improve? Instead of listening to another person trying to be your life-teacher, become your own!

Personal coaching, Lifecoaching, Career coaching, Executive coaching, Organizational Development all have one important thing in common. It starts out in your own agenda based on your unique and current situation that you have a desire to change in some way. It can be a matter of clarifying your values, set new goals, declare a strategy, communicate your needs and set boundaries within all your relationships; whether in existing or by starting new to ensure a positive growth. And you do this by coaching meetings, an hour at the time, every other week or so, preferably in person.

We start off with a focus on health and happiness by taking the actual conditions in consideration when planning and following up action steps. To your help, there are a multitude of tools available on the market for assessing your competence, checking your life balance wheel, affirmations, journaling, visionboards, personality tests and so forth but the most important tool is the professional dialogue.

It is through the dialogue, everything is created. We set the structure for how the conversation is going to take place (time, online or offline, price, confidentiality, attitude, beliefs, ethics, references, educational background, meeting with a neutral open-mind etc) and what is to be achieved. As a Personal Coach I use my ability to listen on a third level, which means reading between the lines in terms of body language, tone of voice, choice of words, context, facial expressions etc which I summarize back to you with feedback, to see if I have understood you correctly, but most importantly mirror it to yourself. Through this conversation technique we explore examples, resources, conditions and perspectives with creative suggestions and solutions for you to try with my support. The next session then starts with a follow-up for how it went, and what kind of resistance you had to face so it can be accepted or overcome on your path towards that you wish to achieve and feel.

With coaching groups, a similar approach is used with a round the table discussion that is led by and summarized by me to discuss a prepared and chosen topic, solve a problem, support each other's experiences or brainstorm ideas. The most crucial thing for all the participants in the group, is to not sit with an answer to share beforehand, but listen and allow the discussion to follow along organically so that the next person in turn builds on the previous person's comments. This can be organized in various ways within an allotted timeframe as to create a beautiful synergy not to be described but to be tried!

Coaching organizations and executives means looking into decision making, internal and external communication, hierarchical structures, culture, working environment and conceptual development through organizational learning.

Success is made by preparing and agreeing how to talk to oneanother in a mutual lead where the questions enable you to find your own answers.

I offer Personal coaching based on my education at Malmö högskola (university) 1999-2004 and Hawaii Pacific University 2005 and 2010 paired with my experience from the advertising and sales, for one on one clients, small business owners and groups. 

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