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Children of the land

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

If you had watched how the ocean changes its flow every day.

If you had smiled at all the rainbows.

If you had been caressed by the breeze.

If you had been teased by the light and warm midday showers.

If your nose had scented the plumerias and felt the freshness of ti-leafs around your neck.

If your feet had treaded enough mud, sand and lava in flip-flops without loosing your balance to be one with it.

If you had heard the Geckos call you at night and the birds awake you in the morning.

If you had seen Earth being created with your own eyes, slightly irritated by the vog.

If you had felt God’s presence and the presence of Grace on a nearly daily basis.

If you had felt the sun warm your frozen body, mind, heart and soul while teaching you what time it is by its travel across the sky.

If you had noticed the ancestral spirits beckon you to acknowledge their wisdom.

If you had sat on the pier late at night under stars so close you think you can reach them while listening to a whale calling her mate.

If you had felt very beautiful and completely at ease while your body swayed your hips and hands.

If you had understood that the heart of the land is the same as yours.

Then you would know that we are all Her children. Owned by no man, with Her special invitation to some of us.


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