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Conditions for growth

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Once you have your goal set and started taking steps towards realizing it, you must also consider which conditions you need in order to blossom into living your passion with positive presence. It is all about being realistic while you allow yourself to dream big. To find the best pot for you to grow in.

These conditions can be broken down into:

* National culture

* Organizational culture

* Societal norms

* Laws, regulations and practice

* Market demands and interest, and competition

* Support system

* Resources (money, your own and others' skills)

* Timing, season and desired location

* Media for PR and online presentations

If you have the best idea but not the means to manifest it or nobody interested in buying what you have to offer, you will either have to reconsider your goal or move elsewhere.

Which conditions do you need for this to happen?

Which kind of people do you need to surround yourself with?

Where do you need to live? Home, city, environment etc

How much money do you need?

Which time frame are you working within?

Which outer circumstances must be overridden?

What stands in your way?

What do you need to learn to do?

How will you know when you have become, or returned to, a more whole self?

How do you feel when starting to practice being this way?

Which kind of obstacles do you face? Are they something you can work around, perhaps with other people or by taking a slower approach to allow the market users to become more ready?

Do you want to have your own business or be employed by someone else? Which type of security do you need?

All these things, together with your own personality traits, habits and individual ability creates the conditions for success when taken into account.

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