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Creating our best self

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Most coaching practices, and faiths, strive to enable self-actualization, or self-realization. This is the famous last step on Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs that explain human motivation. Working on self-realization never excludes taking care or having other needs. While it is easy to focus on dreams and reaching goals, my coaching, based on my own set of beliefs, needs and experience focus rather on finding the right conditions where self-actualization becomes the natural result of a good balance and self-care with being of service to others.

In order to feel self-realized, we must feel grounded in purpose and meaning while at home with ourselves. This means that we must get to know ourselves and what we want to change and improve in our own way of living. It can be anything from healing from a past trauma and thereby be able to return to the state of being we had before the trauma, as well as incorporate and renew ourselves from that point on into something bigger and better, bot literally and figuratively. What we do. It can also be behavioral traits we would like to change, as well as our approach, how we do things, especially in relation to others. By doing so, we leave the old behind and move forward. Often faith becomes our best companion.

What can we do once we feel harmony and happiness?

This is the crucial point where you should feel that brimming over with love, enables you to give more to others without conditions and in your line of duty where you provide your customers with something that gives satisfaction in return for payment.  It is in this natural sense of inner peace, we can set aside our own chase to get, and show up for others more. It doesn't exclude having needs, such as food, water, shelter, rest, recreation, safety, belonging, touch, exercise etc but these can be satisfied meanwhile our own performance hopefully brings about more fulfilment while being of service to the world. What can you offer that someone else needs? How you offer this, in a way that makes you sincerely happy, shows your self-realization.

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