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Raise your hand!

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Have you ever felt uncomfortable talking in front of a crowd? You probably have, but have you ever felt even more uncomfortable knowing you have lots of important things to say or ask about and yet not feeling seen?

In one of my meet-ups about a year ago or so, I chatted a little with a Chinese guy about what I can coach within organizations. For me it's all about change leadership, culture and communication. How we talk, to whom, where and when. He shared that he worked as an engineer for about six months in Stockholm and had this great idea that he wanted to share with his boss but didn't know when he could present it. In his home country, it is important to wait to be invited by your supervisor to talk in a meeting, while I shared that in Sweden it usually is rather your own responsibility to raise your hand and add your own opinion or suggestions directly in the meeting. Sometimes sending an email first can be good to have it put on the agenda of the meeting. Either way, it is a subtle unspoken difference that still makes the difference. I told him to approach the boss himself. A couple of weeks later, he shared that he had and they were now on their way of developing a better product.

Raising these type of concerns and learning how to communicate within not only a business culture,  but also the hierarchical structure and national ways in different generations, is paramount to creating a better work environment. Just call me and let's talk about it!

When I was in 6th grade, I got detention once and had to sit and write 100 times by hand that I wouldn't speak in class before raising my hand first. I'm still glad that I learned to do both, even as a woman.

You can join my meet-up here!

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