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Relating to Nature

Updated: May 17, 2022

One of the important missions in my life, is to share how I connect and relate to Mother Earth. By doing so, becoming eco-friendly, becomes the natural result of this connection, when we really feel it. So how do we create a relationship to Mother Earth?

The first time I felt one with nature was when I was horseback riding. I was as a teenager, out in the woods where we met a deer. That made my horse stop and point his ears, not sure whether the deer would pose a threat or not. Noticing this on his back, together with the horse, opened up for understanding how trust must be two-ways. Feeling the same thing, then proceeding, while it skipped into the bushes. I also lived a couple of months on a farm next to our town, where cows were used for milk and some breeding, with one being born when I was there. As a young adult in my mid-20's, I experienced a very profound sensation in a hypnotherapy session of feeling more one with trees than with humans. Yes! I do hug a tree now and then, to feel its stability and aliveness.

It is in this simple recognition, we can begin to really relate to nature - by recognizing everything's aliveness and hold it to be equally important having its own purpose. Some grains grow just for us to be fed! The way we treat the crop decide how it will either grow beautifully and strong in harmony with the natural conditions, or long to quench its thirst or stressed and unfinished before the harvest. Each animal has its own unique set of skills and place, adapted to its environment and evolution. So do we. When we also add an emotional aspect to our relating, it becomes something with a spirit. The Great Spirit permeating all.

See me! Hear me! Touch me! Smell me! Everything alive beckoning us with its presence when we also increase our own presence by our interaction with nature. Then, we can simply remind ourselves by looking out the window and wave invisibly to greet the tree across the street in our heart. Or feel when a potted plant needs more water before it is too late. Simplicity with wonder becoming its own perfection.

When we are able to also recognise its beauty, we naturally like to show our appreciation which we can do by spending time in nature, by threading carefully on the ground, keeping it clean and even dance in its honor.

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