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Will Mexico become the next Berlin?

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

As a Swedish national, it is inevitable to not resemble President Trump’s initiative to build a wall against the Mexican border as a statement in line with the result of WWII, dividing us even more into an us and them, of high income and low. The former post-war East-west Germany now becoming north-south, nudging to war in America. But, maybe not?

In comparison to the increasing migration in Europe with new groups of ethnicities striving to merge with the old, tensions arise and the lack of strong national identity increases in the wake of questioning who is going to be allowed to live where. But, is it Peter Piper calling? Are the new migration formations the same psychological phenomena as the one we had with the growth of the dot com-bubble leading with Silicon Valley? People following trends, without making decisions based on personal leadership. The use of internet enables us to find and connect with new people across the globe, that even becomes like a computer game for many to simply join with their travels, seeking excitement and relationships built on interest rather than geographical location. Only living it out online, however isn’t human satisfaction. The art of self-realization must allow us to create the dream-life we seek in person or else our passion will seem like a fraud. Can we all afford to do so? What happens then with our followers? And have the next generation even misinterpreted passion with place?

The risk is, that we become followed increasingly by others not necessarily sharing our dream but failing in their own commitment to their own, or perhaps by a sense of being star struck on a lower level, following us who are living authentically and moving abroad. The even greater risk is then, the emergence of mass-psychosis by media. In times of instant updates, catching on quick is often desired by those seeking stimulation to break away from their own isolation, wanting to be seen. Seemingly preferably on a yoga mat. This can be understood also in terms of migration where people travel on a whim with low airfare just to quickly browse a city. Many in the Millennial generation start their careers by working abroad. But what happens then to our and their sense of home?

These are uncertain times which becomes a stronger call to create a safer home, wherever that is.  Don’t we all wish to have a society where our doors can remain unlocked? But is it reasonable to keep it that way, risking thefts, vandalism or even unwelcome guests? Do we not rather keep a wall for our own privacy in our own yard? Yes, we do. Therefor the same rule of culture based on the reality of the day, must be expanded in our thinking to embrace the same kind of wall by our borders. This will hopefully enable real invitations to be extended of nationals, or courteous requests of the same by new visitors, keeping illegal tenants at bay and thus also lessen mass deportations of the same, who often leads to people loosing their homes, but perhaps it is simply because of their own former trespassing.

I, myself, can not enjoy a vacation unless I have a home to return to. Hence, moving to make a new is different. The reasons why I can’t remain in Sweden much longer are many, so many it already became part of destroying my new life that I was starting over with, in the United States in 2010-12. Then it led to deportation instead of volunteer departure which I first was ruled, giving me a 10 year ban from re-entering unless waived. But instead of either enabling me new opportunities in Stockholm, start my business or be supported to return, I have been obstructed from even keeping my own apartment by withholding or deducting my income below poverty line, even with sublet leases, less becoming employed with more than 300 job applications sent out, even though I have at least ten years of work experience of both being self-owned and employed with higher education. I don't have a safe home in Sweden, therefore Sweden isn't a safe homeland.

The walls we build should be keeping intruders from trespassing with unlawful entering, which I never did to the United States and never do. Instead I am being even more intruded upon in the already isolated culture in Sweden. The wall against Mexico, however, is something I do endorse, based on this understanding of spaces as shared in my book "Under the wings of freedom/The Call for Divine Fathering" in 2014/2017.

While I was in immigration proceedings with my valid visa, I was held at FDC Honolulu for 338 days while I appealed to be able to remain in the US, instead of going back to the unsafety I had left, which I share in my book.

Now that more than five years has passed since my last entry to the United States, I intend to return with the appropriate permission to do so and for a different visa. And to be safe inside the wall.

Photo showing an Isadora Duncan inspired motion.

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