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The benefits of coaching

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Coaching is a personal conversation held in real time between the coach and the client, or by the coach and a small group of clients. It is through this conversation based on engaging questions, ideas naturally emerges alongside insights and motivating energy for the client to use for change. Simply put, what you answer will become what we probe into together, to take it a step further without you having to worry about anybody's opinion of it more than your own.

Here are some of the benefits that you will receive when you're coached by me:

* Confidence in what you can do through assessment

* Clarity of mind with a more authentic expression of self

* Support to execute action-steps

* Tangible results based on a goal that is followed up

* Empowerment creating more space to manoeuvre

* Positive outlook on life with increased sense of possibilities

Most of all, I hope that my coaching will not only be measured and defined by intellectual (masculine) hard values, but also experienced as an enriching conversation with honesty and heart to enable you to use soft tenderness in your own walk of life, enjoying the (feminine) process of giving birth to a better life.

Try it with me, online or in person - contact me here!

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