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Setting self-boundaries

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Believe it or not, even a skinny person like me has to be conscious of what I eat and how I exercise. It is how we eat and why, just like it is actually getting the exercise, that is the most important thing, not which kind of sports we do.

In Lifecoaching, setting boundaries is one of the cornerstones to our personal growth process. This usually is about being able to say no to who and what we don't want, whether it is to break out of a harmful past or not settle for less. It is also a matter of self-care to ensure our needs are met and we stay away from low energy people for example and not do something we don't want to. And it's also being able to say no to ourselves when needed, so we can go to sleep on time or get going on a project.

Look at your negative emotions for a second. The seven sins. When do you feel envy, pride or gluttonous? What do you do then? Probably feed the gluttony, pride and envy. How will that help you reach your goals?

Look instead at the need behind your sin, are you tired rather than angry? Or if it's an emotional need - are you feeling lonely or sad behind your sin?

The first step towards self-love is self-compassion. What have you had to go through? Find a way to embrace yourself and you will find a way forward. To remain standing in love whether only in spirit for the time being, furthering it in person to acknowledge your own personal truth of your actual experiences.

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