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Who would you like to be as?

If you ever have been envious, comparing yourself with others or simply has had someone you admire in secret, then this is your chance to use it for your own improvement.

When it comes to personal growth and development, we look for outer attributes and inner qualities, or traits, in others that we wish we had ourselves. Instead of becoming frustrated, be inspired! What is it you like about him or her? Who would you like to be and why?

Things to consider can be:

* Looks (clothes and hair)

* Manners (behavior with others)

* Skills (what you can do)

* Traits (how you are as a person)

* Style (presentation and communication)

Now the fun begins! Pick one thing and begin your change, it can be to develop a new habit or practice or study and learn something new.

One of my desired changes used to be to become better as a listener and more calm as a person, as well as be more feminine looking. This is what coaching taught me - how to listen on a deeper level with more focused presence. Just as growing my hair longer and remove all that I didn't like, enabled me to become more centered from an outer approach. Eventually, this also led to an inner calmness of being more in charge of my own identity, communicating my values and standards, which to me both are inner and outer, as well as depending on the time and place. Altogether this also results in lesser of a chase outside of myself. Instead, I go back to feeling my own authenticity, both the way I was born and raised and my own preferences. 

What do you like and what don't you like?

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