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Transforming hate into love

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

Just like we have learned that forgiveness is just as much for your own benefit (to not harbour negative feelings like resentment that lowers and drains your energy level), so can also hate be transformed into love through your own focused thinking.

The first step is finding a sense of pity for someone. What caused the other person to harm you, whether physically, online, or by taking something that was of value to you? Well, if that person felt good about him or herself, would he or she then take from or lash out on you? I think not. Would someone need to plagiarise my content if they were either confident enough, or simply writers talented enough by themselves? No, of course not. Nobody wants to feel like a failure or a fraud, yet wants it to look good to others, even pressured to. How small that person then must feel in need to constantly look at my posts without sharing, liking or commenting. Or ask to work together on equal grounds.

The second step is to develop compassion. Have you never felt insecure or admired someone you also wanted to be like or look like him/her when you grew up? Well, some people are still insecure and growing up, struggling to find their own sense of identity. By relating to the same feelings of inadequacy, you can turn it into compassion while still maintaining your boundaries.

You can try to reach out and offer your help, suggest to be a mentor, recommend a class or a course. Or simply let it be.

Then, you can love thy neighbor, well knowing, the fault is with him or her, who simply can't do better yet.

And we can bring in love into the room by dancing Hula and share the Aloha-spirit.

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