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Passion, purpose and place

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

It is increasingly easier to lead your own life when you have your own vision and mission set before you, both by choice, demand and opportunity. We are all interdependent, why we have to take others into account all the time, but rather than being worried about others' opinions, it is to create a functional and inspiring dynamics that enhances both your own life and that of others. How do we then live this desired life?

1. Find your passion

What do you feel fired up to? A cause or an interest, a creative or artistic outlet or perhaps your role with others such as teaching? It starts by fulfilling what you loved doing when you were a little girl or boy, or who you wanted to become like. Develop these traits or skills and do what your passion is!

My gift is writing, my passion is to be creative and perform on stage with dancing, acting or speaking.

2. State your purpose

Why are you doing what you are doing? For whom and what do you want to achieve by it? What is the red thread in your life that connects the different experiences in your own journey or what would you like it to be? 

When I started to pursue Copywriting as my career, my motto was to inspire, move and engage others. After taking a hiatus to study at the university, my purpose became to be an Ambassador of Aloha. These are things I can do both in my line of work and in my personal life.

3. Make a move

Where can you live your passion and feel purposeful at the job? Which kind of people do you want to surround yourself with? If you don't feel supported and enabled to build your own business, or be employed with your preferred profession, and have a good home where you are at, you must move and take root elsewhere. Make sure it will be a god fit for your purpose and passion!

I would like to live in San Francisco where all this can be tied together and I can build Telluselle Living Center, while also make a bamboo lei and sell my books with developing discussions to inspire others with.

Chasing a place that is pretty to show in a photo isn't enough or thinking that practising our passion will be enough to make money on. Our passion is the fuel for us to use to serve others with what they and society needs, in a way that also is in harmony with nature. To do this require you to be authentic.

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