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The tree

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

The bark of a tree is like our skin.

It is there for our protection and to help us remain flexible in our motions and gestures - what enables us to express emotions and land our presence inside our own hearts with love. And therefore we must nurture and care for our trees just like ourselves. All joined through spirit. With a mother's love to all beings, you too will feel connected, through our walk on her. Roots down, constant breathing, made of water.

Everything can be read on the surface. Everything can be compared and therefore understood. When we understand these our real needs, respect and honor to get them met in our rightful place within our eco-system, we become one with all Creation. But maybe not with all humans, since some refuse the process to take place in ways that enrichen both themselves, others and earth, with support to grow and have good health with joy.

Let's care about ourselves, others and earth.

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