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We are never enough... and it's a good thing!

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Have you ever felt that you are not enough and cringe at the thought of always being told that you are? While the positive sentiment is good to transcribe, it is even better to embrace that we are never enough! In fact, it's what will liberate you.

We make mistakes and we sometimes become ashamed or discouraged but hopefully also learn. We become angry and disappointed and probably just as much as in others as in ourselves. We simply let ourselves down, when we are too tired, or lazy, or doubting and do what we set out not to anyway, or not doing what we should. Sometimes it's the pressure to achieve, sometimes it's fear of success since this must push us out of our comfort zone, that hinders us. And sometimes it's others' disbelief, fears or unwillingness to support us in a true encouraging way. This however, enable us to instead realize, that since we are never enough:

* We can increase our ability to trust and have faith.

* We are all interdependent for our survival and must share, which increases the flow of giving and receiving.

* We can get help from others in a positive way when we acknowledge what he/she can contribute with in skills, traits or resources to form good collaborations.

* We enable space and reason to improve, transform and grow as human beings.

* We can develop both new skills and more compassion both towards ourselves and others, which makes our society more tolerant and non-judgmental to be more caring instead.

* We can find motivation to make new friends, and spouses, to share our lives with that can complement us.

In which areas do you feel that you are not enough, and how can you turn this into a good thing?

Book an appointment with your favorite Lifecoach today to explore and find out!

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