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Transforming slander into praise

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

There is nothing more devastating than to encounter people who are stuck in an opinion about you without consideration to facts. The attitude of a coach is the approach with which we meet our clients, and ourselves as much as possible, with the foundation of believing all problems can be solved if both parties are willing to sit down and talk about it without prejudice, or at least dealt with better alone when talking it over with a Professional Lifecoach. The actual problem is the lack of will. How do we deal with conflicts when there is no will to solve them? It is this that I think is the greatest evidence of a powerplay by the other person refusing to meet, or even talk, perhaps hiding his/her own insecurity, but mostly trying to use evil means to put the other person down. Not acknowledging one's part in the result of one's action in another person's life, is evil, while a willingness to listen and respect the other person's experience, as well as understanding how he or she perceived you, enables a human understanding that is the foundation for peace.

Are you a person set in your own view of someone or can you transform your opinion? Try to answer these questions: * What has the person done and when? Why? * Is she or he doing the same thing now? * How is this person communicating? With what tone of voice and is he or she initiating contact or responding to yours? * Describe the looks of this person * Describe the profession and status * How do you grade him or her according to your standard? Is it possible he or she could be looked upon different elsewhere and among others? How? * What have you learned by interacting with him/her? 

Most of all, where there is a will to change, there is a way. If you aren't willing to try your opinion from another point of view, then why is that? What do you found your conclusion on? How long is it valid? How would you like to be described yourself?

Look for both their negative and their positive qualities to find accuracy. Name something good about the person to balance your opinion. If not possible, do like I do... let go, move forward, move elsewhere!

We are way too unique and wanted, to not be around people not appreciating and supporting our growth. Find your own tribe and blossom there instead!

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