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What is empowerment?

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

One of the corner stones of Personal coaching is to increase empowerment with our clients. What is then empowerment? To me, empowerment is to live with a high level of integrity, to be able to walk one's talk and communicate boundaries as well as respect others' without any attempts of downgrading the other OR putting someone on a pedestal that is so often common with the idolatry that penetrates the society today.

To feel empowered is to feel free to make decisions, choices and actions that is your own and not only what you think your spouse, friends, colleagues or parents want you to do. It is to show the world your true colors and rightfully say both yes and no to what you prefer.

Empowerment requires no authority position in any company or any number of followers. It's possibly easier to live an empowered life with less spotlight than celebrities have, which is why many have their own agents, therapists, attorneys, and... coaches. To keep it real, to keep if focused on what you want and can, what you need and should learn more about first and how much you should invest in money, time, energy, contacts and travel. Like with most things in personal development, authenticity comes first which means to live in honesty and responsibility. When you own your own feelings, thoughts and experiences and become less afraid of expressing your true self, your sense of empowerment will increase. 

We coaches believe in each individual's ability to contribute to the whole of the society, and the world. We believe that each person has qualities, potential, skills and personality that the world can benefit from in harmony with the individual's own wishes. Think of a time when there were no limits to your own creativity (It's said that around the age of six, we become conditioned to draw like the world is around us, rather than how we want to to see it.) Want to become more creative? Go back to your childhood favorite past-time and do something similar. Want to feel more empowered? Take a stand for something you believe in and dare to communicate it also to your adversaries while you take responsibility for any harm you might have caused someone else.

We don't create harmony in this world by all becoming enlightened gurus on each a mountain top, we create it by interacting with more awareness and flexibility. 


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