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Transforming disbelief into faith

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

What do we say and do when what we tell are simply the truth, personal experiences and even facts that still seem to create a mistrust or even disbelief in the other person? On several occasions I have been met with suspicion when I have shared about my situation, such as being unemployed/without income and not having my own apartment, or house, to live in. I have pondered about why I create this reaction, when I am simply sharing the truth, and if so can I change it? Or is it simply within the other?

The positive aspect as I see it, is that I'm being viewed and met from my Divinity. People see my good essence and my true spiritual self together with how it should be. That I should have a good job and salary and home without a doubt, just like I don't doubt that either. The negative aspect is that they can see the possibility of ending up like me themselves more likely in comparison (no drugs, educated, well traveled, good looking). This must of course trigger lots of emotions one would want to avoid, reacting with their own increased fears. What kind of society do we have if a person like me ends up on the street without an income?

So, how can disbelief become transformed into faith instead? The best way must be to share true examples that are described in comparison to the actual needs the other person also has. To remember to compare what I'm asking for to me in comparison to what others need. Why would I ever need less? 

Yesterday at a meditation session at the Stockholm Diamond way Buddhist center, we talked about the need for increased compassion among government authority workers. Later I came to think that the precursor, even more important and even more lacking, is respect. Respect for one's time and life, toghether with cultivating an openness to the reality of others. How do we change this? 

Which examples do you have? Can you also see where you need to increase your respect for another person's time, such as reply quicker to that person's inquiry or message that is necessary for decisions and taking the next step and which? Will this not create a positive sense of faith instead? Do people show faith in you and your abilities?

The best loyalty we can show, is to our own hearts.

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