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Let's go shopping!

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Don't we all want to look good and hesitate in front of the mirror when we try something on? Hesitate no more and be coached towards empowered shopping!

First of all, it's you who are going to wear it, nobody else, so you should make your own decisions. Here are some key questions to ask when you look into your wardrobe, whether to sort out and discard, or when you plan on going shopping:

What's your budget?

What is the piece of clothing for?

When and how do you plan to wear it?

Why do you want to buy it - is it a good reason?

What can you combine it with that you already have or what do you need to buy new to go with?

How does it fit your body? 

What is it made of and can you care for it properly (most things do wash in regular machines even when it says dry clean)?

Is it organic and sustainably made?

Some fashion items (model, color and fabric) are more or less flattering both for your figure and personal preferences, even if the size is right, so stick to your own taste if you can! 

(Here is my example: The fashion right now is to wear high wasted pants and while this fits my flat tummy well, I don't like it because I don't want to feel any pressure on my body and because I have long lengs and a small bust, wearing low waist pants enables my torso to look longer and gives my body better proportions.)

Make a list for what you need, and want, which makes it go faster and easier. And don't forget to squat, or sit down for a minute, in the dressing room so that your clothes feel comfortable, don't cling or create wedgies.

Then enjoy wearing something nice that you also feel good about. That is what makes you look beautiful!

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