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The power of the feminine

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Each month, the full moon pulls her tide in the ocean, giving birth to a new cycle of life. It is powerful to witness and be part of and perhaps this magnetic pull is what men can become frightened of by a woman in their meetings. Darkness alluring with its silence and stillness. Are women dark?

Unless it's simply a matter of who gets to be on top... To succumb to desire, body to body. To lead and to follow. To be caressed and loved. And express this need. All coming into a fruitful dynamic by the cycle. Within the energy and emotional vulnerability this pertain, the dynamic itself becomes what we can surrender to. An energy building, hopefully resulting in the mutual trust needed to surrender to the relationship, not to the partner. A trust to be earned.

Parallel powers. Yin and Yang. Who has the power and can it be balanced?

Photo by me from Monte Estoril, Portugal.

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