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What is your passion?

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

It shows when your face lit up and there is a flow of ideas that you simply blurt out in full presence. Passion is our fuel, our spark and what becomes our charisma. The motivation behind our lifegiving will.

We constantly seek it, afraid of loosing it while ironically being afraid to go for it, because of its power. 

What is your passion and why? It's what you miss doing and ignites you to share, do and express, for the fulfillment and joy it brings you. It can be a craft, an artform or a topic you often want to talk about as well as protect. Preferably used as, or within, your profession or as a hobby. And it is what makes us feel more alive!

While sex can be passionate, it is simply to guide you towards passion in life, without the implications of potential conflicts in your private life. Look rather for what inspires you and you want to learn about, what you loved doing growing up and its reward. Usually, it's its own reward! How does living your passion makes you feel and what can you do more, to feel this way?

Want to find a new passion or reclaim a distant memory of something you used to love doing? How can it be practised and integrated with your regular life and what can it be used for? What needs to change and what should remain that will support your pursuit? Make an appointment with me, your professional lifecoach, to find out through a live Skype-session, a meeting in person, or by phone. You can also book me for an inspiring lecture about how I reclaimed mine!

Read more in my book "The Call for Divine Mothering ~ applying the keys to paradise", available at Amazon and Kindle. 

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