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Choosing the right bamboo

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Which color should I make my lei in? Should each flower be available painted in different color or just bear the natural shades? Even bamboo comes in different colors: green, nude and brown. I have thought about which to choose and what I'm looking for is first and foremost the appropriate girth for the rod to be cut alongside in at least two halves, to keep it half-circle rounded, for the flowers also to have a natural roundness to the petals. It must be hard enough to work on, yet not too thick more than being able to be phased to appropriate thickness. 

Here in Portugal, some bamboo is growing naturally but the given places to buy from is of course China, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, or perhaps from Hawaii. 

Then the question arises, how much do I need, do I need to grow my own and how long time does it take to make one flower, make 80 flowers and make one garland? Then multiply this with cost of bamboo, salaries, distribution, warehouse space and marketing. Will it be too costly or can I make it both pretty and affordable?

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