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Transforming despair into hope

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

What can change? What is possible? All that is possible that can enable you to receive what you need, want and strive for, provides you with a sense of hope. It is to both dare to, and focus on, practical solutions, rather than falsifying victimhood.

What then is really possible, that at the same time is anchored in honesty, respect and love?

There are two ways whenever you feel despair and stuck in negativity:

1. You help yourself

2. You get help from someone else

Both ways require a true direction taking form from within, based on your own known resources. A resource can be your education, experience, network and talent, together with money, time and place. Therefore, take aim by making an inventory of what you really have and know, including specific skills and personality traits as well as ask yourself what you need to learn and what you can do. Who can you ask? Then trust in your good intentions (and God). Not sure who or what? Book a session with your favorite Lifecoach!

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