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Transforming greed into generosity

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

Each negative, harsh and dark emotion, can be transformed into a positive, light and soft emotion, like a butterfly is birthing from a cocoon. We seldom talk about how we personally sin, what if we helped each other not to?

The more people have, the more it seems like they are afraid of loosing that. But at the same time, I can affirm that I for sure, who don't have much at all, definitely don't want to have to loose more than I already have, just like I want more in life. The difference is to want quality in moderation while being happy for others, since what others have has nothing to do with what I own, need and prefer.

It seems to be taboo to even consider openly saying that you want your stuff, especially in the self-help business where everybody should strive for detachment. However, we can still be aware of ownership as a fleeting moment and appreciate and treasure what we have, while wanting more without hoarding, even as we remember that all that we own is only temporary. It is to not identify ourselves with our belongings but rather to enjoy them as part of our life, constantly using what we have and let go of what we don't. Greed however, isn't only about possessions and money. It also is about fame and followers, relationships and opportunities. It is on one hand a matter of crying for attention and on the other hand a struggle for survival in the era of self-realization. At the end of the day it is always a matter of sharing, of generosity as the anti-dote without giving up our own rights of pursuing a life worth living filled with abundance and happiness. Who shows greed towards you and when are you being greedy? How can you be generous instead? If you feel like you want to take something from someone, or resent another from having or even refuse what you should rightfully pay, stop yourself and ask what you can give instead. Likewise, when someone has taken something from you, you can and should, buy more! It recreates equality. Giving is keeping your power through detachment. To let love rule: Try to find your own speciality and see how this can be your own contribution to the world without taking anybody else's. Book your coaching session by sending an email or give me a phonecall to discuss your own examples in life. We can also Skype!

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