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What is a good dialogue?

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

What is the difference between talking to a friend, or to a coach? 

A coach has trained to hold a conversation that resembles an interview but instead of getting a job or become published in the paper, you become your own reward. The understanding of yourself together with positive inspiration and support will propel you forward, without having to answer to anybody but to yourself! 

We sit down facing each other and while I might be the one leading the conversation, you decide the topic within our coaching focus.

This dialogue, called a coaching session, is held on equal grounds, meaning either person isn't seen or treated as better or worse, more right or wrong, than the other. We focus on really listening with presence, instead of thinking about other things or trying to come up with what to say next, which usually is possible for up to 45 minutes. We also try to stick to the issue and goal with our talk, such as come to a mutual agreement about what a problem is and/or what to do next, that is your own best solution. 

The coach is your sparring partner and our goal is to enable your progress as client. 

When both people can be equal sparring partners in a relationship without prejudice or judging, we have a true dialogue!

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