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Transforming fear into trust

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

In this blogpost, I am going to continue my series about transforming negative energy to positive through our thoughts and communication, which will hopefully make both ourselves and others feel better. One of the more important topics is, how to deal with fears.

Our fears are communicated to us through our survival instincts, ie that which we have attributed to stress responses. It's through recognizing these instincts and learning to trust our intuition about what to do, that help us deal with our personal fears.

One example can be the creeping sensation in your body when the tide is rising while you're relaxing and tanning at the beach. This fear is real and the best way to deal with it, is of course to get up and move your towel away from the approaching ocean.

This example is the refined sense of Divine timing that help us trust our intuition, ie to protect us from harm and/or guide us to better people and places. It can be to not run after a train and wait 'til the next if you sense you would be controlled by a ticket seller and couldn't buy one before hopping on.

Going against your intuition here would most likely be a result of your Ego falsely claiming a sense of entitlement that you don't have and give you a fine, while waiting with humility will rather provide you with help when you actually need it. (Many are those who have helped me.)

Another way of testing your ability to sense and follow Divine timing, is through the experience of synchronicity. Here an example can be thinking or talking about a topic and either later the same day or usually the day after, suddenly passing by someone saying the exact same thing on the phone (in my case today even in Swedish, in a small town in Portugal). This can provide us with a sense of trust in ourselves and trust in a higher power (God).

Want to improve your own ability? Start by noticing your gut feeling whenever you enter or exit a store to whether you will find what you are looking for to a good price, then go inside and see if your gut-feeling proved you right. Next time, trust it (and your angel) immediately, even when your reasoning self doesn't quite believe it.

The more you dare to trust, the more sense of miracles you will experience!

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