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The power of the wind

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Two days ago, a storm arrived in Portugal. I love them. The wind growling outside the window and the blessed stillness in the midst of it, I love walking outside then. Feeling refilled and invigorated, as always. And happily surprised that the outside temperature still was on the warmer side.

So, last night after the clouds made the horizon blurring and pouring rain with the strong wind made even my personal trick walking with an umbrella hard (I hold a corner of it down and therefore it doesn't break and shield me for a while longer.). Nonetheless, the oceantide seemed normal and not at all affected by the storm. It made me smile. Movements on the surface versa what's moving deep within. All wisdom can be found there. No trees down, only palm fronds. But, man made destruction makes me think again that this is nature cleaning out our debris, blowing and washing away violence on structures, rails and walls.

I breathe it all in. Blowing out the bad, letting the good find room to move in. It made me feel a little like when I lived in Malmö in 2009. Maybe it's the life cycle, spiraling another turn, upwards for a new chance, I hope. Or simply the same climate, where two zones meet.

And now it will become lighter again. The greatest gift from Portugal is indeed more daylight than in Sweden.

Happy Winter solstice everybody!

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