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Keeping your focus

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

One of the cornerstones of Lifecoaching is to set attainable goals and make a plan with which steps to take to achieve them, while also doing so with a positive sense of accountability to oneself.

My goal for this year is of course no surprise - to simply get a new home. For me, nothing can be more important since a good home is the foundation for our health and life, including love and work. Any romantisized stories you might have heard about people sleeping in cars and still manage to work, is simply not physically possible for any length of time. Why it's even considered a possibility is just another way of refusing a person's real need. So, getting a new home it is. And preferably where I would like to stay so I can focus my energy towards getting a job, and a better one, instead of moving around all the time.

Another important area for Lifecoaching, is a personal need to improve and grow in our interactions with others and ourselves. I invented a type of theme to choose, instead of new year resolutions, about 15 years ago, when I had been writing newsletters and working with personal development for a couple of years during my university studies in Sweden in my firm Balansfokus. And just like many others I too wondered why we tend to not keep these resolutions. I have found that tending to the conditions is most important.

My personal theme for this year is Peace - how to keep mine and create more for others.

Which are your goals and why?

What is your focus area this year?

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