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Transforming war into peace

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

Have you ever woken up and felt blissfully at ease, enough warm, and planning what to wear and what to do this particular day without a cloud in sight? And being able to do so with flow? Then coming home and feel content and grateful. Herein lies both peace and creativity. I have felt it.

But, when you become hindered in some way, whether by not having the necessary resources, others interfering or simply being in your way, it's easy to loose your peace and let your communication become fueled with anger. It's anger that seems like a conflict or threat but what it really shows us, is that the person who gets angry isn't getting his or her needs met. It's the angry person who is more threatened. In one way of pure survival, such as by physical invasion by another whether literally or verbally. In another, sometimes of not getting what we wanted, by Ego. However, Ego also serves as a protection, wherefore getting something we want can be essential when it also meets a need. This can be done by the simple act of choosing scent/taste and brand for what we buy.

Ever since the beginning of time, man has fought wars over food, which also implies territories, or to show off, implying a threat of not getting what one needs, for example in terms of being seen and confirmed by another human. This must be brought into our consciousness and awareness at all times. How do we then transform war into peace?

1. Differentiate between being entitled to and having the right to. Being entitled, implies that you have worked for it, whether by doing your exams or your job, while having a right is simply the basic existence that never should be questioned. Whenever it is, is a call to act.

2. Get your own and others' needs met. When we have what we need, only evil people would ever stop or take away anything from someone else.

3. Find your inner peace and bring it outside in communion with nature. Then try to keep it while you walk around among others. And keep a memory of how you are having it alone, so you can find it again.

4. Focus on solutions and be ready to act on what the other wants you to do if it's congruent with what you need.

5. Next time someone is angry with you, let that person (and yourself) eat and sleep before you resume your talks. Try it!

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