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The great wave

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

A couple of times, I have passed by a restaurant alongside the beachwalk in Carcavelos, Portugal, with the name "Onda" in it. It has puzzled me because the word "onda" means "evil" in Swedish. Why would anybody want to call their restaurant for Evil? Today, however, I looked closer and saw that it's called "Grande Onda" with a wave drawn next to it. What if it means the same as "Big Kahuna" in Hawaii? It became even better when I saw they sell hamburgers... 😃, so what does it really mean? Kahuna means a priest, expert or healer that can use shamanic methods to lead his or her tribe, with the help of ancestors in spirit. It also means:

The great wave. And just like I am looking to find wisdom through the metaphors and observations of the ocean, so has a great Japanese artist called Hokusai apparently done in the 1800's. Not only by his paintings on wood, but he must also have found something so crucial as a feminine wave and a masculine wave. How is that for synchronicity with my healing work! I must learn more.

The other day here in Portugal, when the ocean was its normal self, it again created a slightly bigger wave when I approached it in Parede. At first, I was taken aback a little, but decided to approach it again. Same thing. And there it was. Another seashell with what seems like a tiny little drawing in it, picturing a beige dog, just like one that I had seen the day before with a hurt leg. I put it in one of my suitcases. Another "mirror-effect", across the world. The globe that I am embracing. Thank you, ocean!

Photo Creative Commons through Wikipedia.

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