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5 things that makes me happy

Having a good health is a must and can of course be what stops us from feeling happy, but even so when we feel well, it's easy to overlook or even forget what makes us happy, when we're in constant motion or feel stalled in stagnation. I think being in a state of flow is the best way to enjoy life, which I naturally feel when I am being creative, especially doing something literal with my hands. But to feel happy, I think, we need an exchange of a sorts, a perk to our flow.

Dancing: When I either fully grasp a choreography or dance it all out to a favorite tune, I feel both joy and happiness.

Design: When my home is clean and decorated with fresh flowers and I have everything I need, I snuggle up, relax and feel happy.

Pets: A cuddle with a bunny or a horse takes me back to my childhood years where I felt comforted. Nowadays, I feel glad to still have the same ability to connect with animals.

Beach: Laying in the sun, but not too hot, and drying after a dip, makes me all giggly.

Relationships: Receiving messages and calls from people that I truly respect, care about and have cherished for a long time. Especially when I get to meet with someone i love.

What makes you happy? And did you know - it's actually a civil right in the United States!

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