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Who am I as a person?

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

While reading the news and once again becoming reminded of life's fragility, I came to think of how important it is to define ourselves, as well as let others share their experiences, of how we are as a person, rather than focus too much on all our achievements. I like what I have achieved, since it says something about my ability to finish a project from an idea as well as my creative ability. But of course, love is not about achievement.

I think we all become affected by the people we surround us with, as well as the overall culture and climate we' live in, but nonetheless we have some traits that I think are unalienable. I am:

+ Honest

+ Loyal

+ Open

+ Non-judgmental

+ Efficient

+ Fair

+ Straight forward

+ Creative

+ Aesthetic

+ Stylish

+ Polite

+ Intelligent

+ Curious

I can, however, work on my patience, my ability to be better on time, and become more thorough on managing the details with less stress.

What can you improve about yourself and who are you as a person?

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