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A friendship gone sour

Once, I had a girlfriend, who blurted out one day, that she didn't know if she could share getting nominated for an award with me, because she thought I would become envious. She couldn't have been more wrong.

We both worked as copywriters in the south of Sweden, but she with another education than mine, where mine has a better reputation, given its admittance is based on worksamples. I got to know her through a friend, who shared that she was moving to town. And I was being nice, I thought, to invite her, but it was mostly me calling. We spent many lunches and Sunday walks, ruminating about men, mostly, and the business. But envious?

Not at all. The truth of the matter is, that I didn't dare say myself until recent years, is that I don't think she's up to par with me at all. Not her style, not her taste, not her writing. In fact, I lowered myself with her. I said yes to going places and doing things not at all my standard. No wonder I became single then. Was she envious of me? Perhaps. Some women are of my body, being skinny.

So, what do you do? Break up of course. Do you dare to?

Yes, I've made new friends!

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