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A pretty promenade

If I could recommend just one thing that everybody can do, to become more happy, and to live a healthier life, it would be to go for a walk. While you can of course, just walk around your own neighbourhood in the city, its best effect comes through nature. Head out to the woods, the ocean or the mountains.

Little trees standing in their own splendour.

Leaves changing colors, fresh air, soft soil to thread upon, and few to nobody else in sight, I look up to their tall companion.

I walk to release my thoughts, to breathe, to create, and to check in with my own wellbeing. How am I walking today? Fast or slow? Grounded or up in the air? What does that say of my own inner state? And oftentimes, I just walk, to immerse myself in nature's beauty.

If you use your imagination a little, you can almost see a deer in the tree trunk behind me. Maybe a spirit living in it?

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