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A sacred source

Today, I went for a little walk to discover an old sacred source, close by a local church. It still runs through the ground into a pond, and is said to have healing properties. At Pentecoast, one is supposed to drink 7 sips from the spring, to receive its holy communion.

I also learned about a Swedish born Saint called Anna, who married a Russian tsar in Kiev from this place. She changed her name several times during her lifetime, which I find fun to learn about, since this resonates so well with me. Maybe it's simply part of one's journey, one's pilgrimage, to let one's name celebrate a passage.

The question is, why this water isn't tapped into bottles and for sale? What if it has a special effect on our wellbeing? It's said that this place is magic because of how the water runs from the south towards north.

Anything we bless with our sincere appreciation, becomes sacred.

More about Trefaldighetskällan (The Holy Trinity source) here.

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