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A unique you

Much of personal coaching, has its foundation in what we believe. While some exercises are about releasing what limits us, some are about daring to believe in yourself and your own capabilities. To foster another perspective than you are used to. To learn that you need not think that you only are a stand-in, or that someone else could stand-in for you. Just like with brands, I help you find your own USP - Unique Selling Proposition - to compete with on the market. When you find what is unique about you, you will be able to stand stronger and follow your own path, regardless of what others are saying or doing.

Problems arise when we compare ourselves too much or even worse, try to do what someone else is, just for the sake of copying. Many are simply lazy by nature, so why not just grab what's already there, right? Wrong. It will directly create a sense of guilt and "impostor syndrome". With me as your personal coach, you get to assess a mission for the benefit of you.

With a clear focus on what is unique with you, there will be much less negative emotions within you, and more confidence to build with. What is then unique? Usually, just like with creativity, the uniqueness lies in your combination of experiences, education and talent. I'm unique in a sense of being Swedish and dancing Hawaiian Hula. Another thing can be my frank honesty and not using so much of a social mask. And it is, to be both a copywriter and a personal coach, so I can use my expertise to bring forth what is unique for people, based on branding. What makes you unique?

Would you like to find out? Schedule a coaching session with me!

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