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An immigration solution

For many years, after I had encountered some of the US immigration system myself, I have been pondering about finding a solution, a way to improve the handling of it all. My biggest caveat is, that it's always wrong to detain people and put them into prisons, just because of which nationality they come from, ie not being American. Just give a date for a court hearing or interview with the USCIS! The logistics are the hard part to grasp for me, coming from a small country in comparison. Nonetheless, I'd like to put my two cents in.

As it works now, countries have treaties with each other, and thus their citizens become treated accordingly, when they go somewhere. Whether it's to be allowed to stay, or to become extradited (I even have some experience within the EU with that too.), these treaties dictate the conditions. I think, this is where it all becomes fundamentally wrong. Why should all Nordic countrymen and women, be treated the same? Who is to say that we are all alike? Or have the same education and income? Especially not nowadays, when we have tons of immigrants ourselves in Sweden, who have become Swedish citizens, and travel with Swedish passports, but not their original, such as African or Middle Eastern. Likewise, can there not be a well educated, well off Mexican, who can just go for a vacation to California one time, without suspicion and specialty clearance? Is this impossible? Do they all pick oranges on farms?

So, the only way to solve this dilemma, I think, is by even more individualisations. Let each person have their own passport in this world, and travel with it equally. Then each and everyone can be checked with their home country for any moral turpitude priors, or any other hindrances to enter, whether the US or elsewhere. Would not it become less of a sport, and a whole lot less hard to cross the border, if there was a legal way?

Waivers to all!

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