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Balancing our life areas

I'm sure you've encountered the famous pie-chart, if you're anything like me and into Lifecoaching. Let's revisit it, by defining our own areas in life, and thus open up for checking in with what needs improvement and how. Our life areas are:

Physical (body, home)

Mental (mind, work)

Emotional (heart, relationships)

Spiritual (soul, faith)

Each area constitutes the foundation for different needs. These needs can be seen as goals you can reach with focused action. The key to have balance in between, is simply to remember they all relate to one another and as one grow larger, another is shrinking. You might want to keep a checklist for each area, so you can divide your time accordingly. Then break down this time to ensure your days become more balanced, at least by weekly recount and recalibration. What would you like to increase or decrease?

To further assess your needs and get clear about what needs to change, book a coaching session with me!

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