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Becoming of service

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

The red thread throughout my life continues! Today, I've met a young Swedish speaking woman, with Singaporean descent. This of course, reminded me of the generosity I have been on the receiving end by a Singaporean man, once in Honolulu, HI in 2010.

I had run out of student loan and didn't know how to pay for a night at a hostel, that I just had moved into, and it was around sunset. Suddenly, two gentlemen sat down next to me at a bench in Waikiki by the police station at the beach on Kalakaua avenue. We started chatting, and I shared that we had read a book about the Singapore leader at the Hawaii Pacific University, and he confirmed how it's to live there. When I also shared my financial predicament, he took out his wallet and gave me a 100-dollar bill! He then just smiled and told me to never forget Singapore.

Fast forward to 2022, in Sweden. Here comes my opportunity to give back with good karma! To be of service, and be of help, would she need it. Not necessarily with money, but with good cheer, or however.

How is the world asking you to be of service?

More about how I lived in Hawaii, can be found in my books.

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