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Noise meditation

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

"Be the peace you want to see in this world. "(Buddha)

Most meditation practices aim for us to become more present, slow down our breathing, and find peace. And most often, they are conducted either in silence, at a serene location, or with soothing, instrumental music. We aim to relax and be just as serene...

But, here is a challenge! What if you instead tried to find a really noisy spot with lots of traffic nearby, or listened to some kind of rock or fast beat techno, that usually would rile you up? Now, instead of tuning into the music and becoming riled up, or even angry, keep your calm, your breath and your peace. Practice being the serenity you want to achieve, from within, with your conscious choice and strength.

Next time, you witness and hear an argument, try to do the same. Keep yourself centred. Hopefully with time, you can also keep your calm in your own conflicts (unless you need to defend yourself physically).


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