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Befriending the elements

While out walking the other day, treading through deep snow on a path in the forest, I thought to myself, how scary it was, to not know where I put down my feet. I decided to follow the lamps.

It reminded me of how I learned to navigate slippery mud paths in Honolulu, by focusing on lifting my feet up, rather than putting them down. Have you tried it? it does work on slippery ice too! It excites me to be able to live in the same place through all the seasons, and see how I adapt accordingly. By doing so, I become more in tune with nature, and more grounded as a person. This also helps me recuperate from a recent trauma these last two years: To pick up the pieces, and hopefully be able to rise to the next level of my spiral.

Things to consider throughout the seasons, is how we walk, how we breathe, how fast or slow we move and how this affects our mood and energy levels. We often practice walking differently while dancing, which therefore makes it easier to also notice and work with ways of walking in our every day life. This way, we can build more flexibility through our awareness, so that we don't fall into seasonal depressions or any manic behavior due to the light. Our daylight in the northern hemisphere, reduces to about six hours, where I live, and the sun never becomes fully in zenith. And on days, when it's cloudy, we don't see the sun at all, which can even be several weeks in a row. We seek the sun at all times.

One would think, by focusing on that spring will come again, it would be easier, but I've found that remaining present is better. To know, that through my connection with nature, where I live, I remain nourished. The winter represents the water element and a little metal, wherefore enjoying the sun, which is fire, help to balance us. The trees, represent wood of course, and remains the same, while the air can be too cold in the winter, but also too hot in the summer, although the snow works as an insulator. How is it where you live?

Seasonal changes create stability, through their recurrence.

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