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Being left out

When I stepped into the Isadora Duncan dance class in Stockholm, Sweden 2014, I felt like I had entered right into what I exactly desired. A good teacher, lots of fun, a nurturing practice for both my body and soul, and most of all, becoming part of a group of totally likeminded women. All of my age, all working within the creative field, like me, I couldn't have asked for anything better.

Barely two years later, I was suddenly shunned from the group, without knowing why. One of the other dancers, came up to me one day and asked how I dared enter. I have still no clue what she was really referring to. I think, she was upset that I had been late with paying, but I still did pay. And I don't see why this would be any of her business. She's a little bit of an informal leader, often photographing the teacher's daughter, who now is becoming a teacher too, and has her own daughter also in another class. I take it, she has had a good history together with the teacher and her daughters. But she, is not the teacher. She doesn't own the dance school, and she is neither better, nor worse of a dance student than I am. So what can it be, than a sense of competition, perhaps because of my good English, given the teacher is American, or to gossip due to the libel, I was subjected to by another woman, unrelated to this, summer 2015 and 2016. All to make me look bad, with no consideration of my feelings, facts, truths or simply rights to pursue happiness and joy, just as much as anyone. I tried another time, but to no avail.

Fast forward eight years, she wanted to add me as a friend on Facebook some weeks ago, but refused to answer to any of this. Just to pry into my profile, I'm sure. (As if I'm not open enough as it is and online?). Nonetheless, it's frustrating, because I miss the comraderies, and most of all the actual physical space to dance in. Anyway, this is why I take dance classes on Zoom, and hope to be able to host various classes, with various teachers, at Telluselle Living Center in San Francisco.

All this drama, to stop me from practicing once, or twice, per week?

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