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Career coaching made easy

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

If seeing a career coach seems way too pretentious to you, I'll give you a shortcut you can use:

We can either live to work, or work to live.

Live to work, means that we choose to work with something we feel passionate about as well as find purposeful for our lives.

Work to live, means that we choose to work to sustain our living expenses and to live our passion in our pastime instead, such as with a hobby.

None of these are better then the other or right vs wrong. If you live to work, you migt suffer burnout but feel fulfilled through your career. If you work to live, you might feel less successful in comparison to others who earn their living on their creative talents, but you can feel less stress and feel rewarded with less pressure, saving what you love to do after work.

Choosing career has to do with both your own will and capabiliity to pursue it accordingly with education, training and hard work. It also has to do with market demands. Not everybody can work with the same even if it's something growing popular. Call a couple of businesses and ask, or search by profession on a job-site to see what is most wanted right now.

Still wondering what to do? Contact me for a coaching session!

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