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Changing a habit

Do you have something you'd like to quit doing, or something you would like to start, but just don't get around to? Then it's time to consider the way of lifecoaching.

Anything that we do, provides us with a sense of satisfaction. We are given some kind of pleasure, even a high of a sorts, by doing certain things. It can even be a low, if you're stuck in a destructive pattern, where you want others to feel sorry for you, and have carved out this niche in your relationships. In order to change, you first need to understand what it is you are "winning", by doing what you are.

Then look at what you are "loosing". How much is this behavior costing you? Not only monetary, but also socially, physically and in terms of your own self-respect.

Now, the fun can begin. What can you do instead? If you for example "win" a thrill by gambling, what can you instead do to get that thrill, but by doing something else? Start by not gambling for money, but to keep score. Start playing a game with a partner, preferably a real board-game! The best way to stop a habit, or start one, is to change one that we already are doing. So, next time you are catching yourself falling back into old patterns, have something else you can do instead ready as a plan. You can also try to do the same thing at a different time, or at a different place. Let's keep the gambling as an example, if you like to do this from the comfort of your own home in the evening, try doing it in the morning on your commute to work. How did that make you feel?

If you are struggling with an addiction, I urge you to seek out professional help from a trusted rehab program, but if you simply would like to become more aware of how you're spending your time and energy to get more flow in your day, you can contact me for a coaching session.

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