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Changing perspective

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

We will always encounter people who we don’t like, or people who don’t like us. This always causes feelings of upset; anger, doubt or less self-confidence. To curb this both within yourself AND the other, own your thoughts and emotions.

First, you need to acknowledge what you feel and why.

Then, you define the problem and the desired solution. What would you like to be done and what can you do yourself? What does the other need to contribute with? Ask for that.

If the other is unwilling to, or simply refuse to answer, imagine all the reasons why. Is he or she feeling afraid of becoming exposed or ridiculed? Then your job is to ensure trust.

Is he or she coming off as a busy snob? Imagine the layers of insecurity that can lie beneath that surface. What if he or she is simply envious? What is it then that he or she needs him/herself? Isn’t that something to feel compassion for? Relate the issue to your own experience, or perhaps to someone else’s that you know well, and find that place within, where you are the bigger person to forgive and let go. 

What is there about the other person that is good? There is always something good about every person and you can always learn something after any event. All you have to do is change your perspective. By choosing to look through a positive lens, this will take you to the next level of your own personal evolution and give you more freedom and sense of power!

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