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Checking in at Hotel Heart

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

Time to make a relationship inventory! Make a list of who and which category you put this person in.

I've resembled my heart with a hotel for many years, as it helps me sort through my different types of relationships and thus lessen expectations and misunderstandings. I like to think of each person, whether a bestie girlfriend, a colleague, a classmate, a teacher, a beau or a client, as belonging to a specific room. The beau is in the suite, while my network acquaintances are kept in the lobby.

Naturally, each type becomes a manageable category, that I also like to go through from time to time. Should this person get an upgrade with more care from me? Or should I even kick him or her out?

The point is that while relationships can greatly affect us, you can still be in charge of them by making deliberate choices. The reward? Greater peace and serenity and more space to love.

How does your heart hotel looks like? Do you have any vacancies or are you fully booked? Who gets to live where?

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